You can connect second multiple international phone numbers; US, UK, Canada and Poland to your smartphones. It is very easy to do and is of many benefits to you.

Connecting second multiple international numbers to your smartphone is like getting disposable numbers or burner phones in the movies/TV shows.

If you have watched more than one episode of either Breaking Bad, The Wire or any other cheesy cop show, you’ve probably seen drug-dealers, cops, secret agents(spy) use a cheap disposable phone called a burner.

Using second numbers or burner phones isn’t something just meant for criminals, cop or secret agents anymore.

Remember the story of the time, when Trump as a presidential candidate during a campaign in July 2015 gave out the private phone number of fellow Republican presidential candidate Lindsey Graham.


Yeaaaaaah, he did that. 

Here is few of many more reasons why you should get second numbers connected to your smartphone today:

Online Dating – 84% of people don’t feel safe giving their real number out on online dating sites.

Stay safe by adding a layer of security to your personal life with these second numbers. These second numbers is a great way to hedge your bets about that dating app match that you’re just getting to know or if a blind date goes wrong!

An easy way to save a potential headache.

Buying or selling on classifieds/marketplace – Get a second number to post on your ad and receive calls and texts.

For instance, if you’re trying to get rid of a mattress on Craigslist and don’t have time to deal with back-and-forth emails, you’re going to be tempted to leave your phone number in the ad. It usually ends up fine, but there are horror stories out there of people being harassed from posting their personal numbers on Craigslist.

Entrepreneur needing a business number – Avoid carrying a second phone or sim card by adding an extra number to your device.

For instance, people who just launched food trucks or charter boats and don’t have a place to keep a landline for the business—but do want a separate number to look more professional and to know when an incoming call is for business or for pleasure.

The same logic goes for grassroots political campaigning or running your shop on Etsy or booking gigs for your fledgeling band.

Travellers or Calling International – Family and friends can now reach you on a local number without having to pay long distance or roaming charges.

Maintain your privacy – Believe it or not, your phone number can contain a lot of information about you. Your name, address, and Facebook profile picture are often publically associated with your number. You can either use your second numbers to sign up for things online, or you can give these second numbers out to people who you don’t want to see the information that comes with your real number.

Compartmentalizing More is being done via text these days. Bed, Bath and Beyond are sending you coupons via text. Airlines are sending you updates via text. And there is, of course, text spam. If you’re the kind of person who has two email addresses—one you put on any old form and one you guard more carefully— second numbers accessed through your smartphone can offer a nice partition for your life.

Finally, how can I connect multiple international numbers to my phone you ask?

Here is a simple guide to connecting to these multiple international numbers; United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Poland to your smartphone.

Also, the bonus part and last chapter of this guide show you how to open multiple International Bank Accounts in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Europe, China and Japan.

This guide is valued at $49 (N 18,200 NGN)

But you can get this guide today at $19 (N 7,200 NGN)



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