My First Experience With Git & Github

Having been a web developer for a while, Git and GitHub has been a black box for me. I particularly have anxiety with black screen and command lines, so I preferred using web hosting servers for projects.

Joining HNG Internships indeed was a way to face my fears, hone my skills and advance my career.

In my transition journey from a freelancer to remote worker, I knew that Git and GitHub was the first demon to conquer and HNG Internship would be of great help.

I am glad it was first task. So after loss of my PC and a very long week, I logged in to notice that I had little or no time left to learn Git and do my first task. I am deciding to do it nevertheless.

I quickly went to PluralSight and YouTube to watch and study tutorials on it. All tutor said it was easy. I gathered that all I need was eight(8) git command to commit and push a file to a repository using GitBash client program.

It does look easy, I was relived and got started.

Phew, I was hit; bam and it’s a brick wall on my first commit and push to GitHub then followed by power failure. I went to bed with sick feelings.

Up early the next day morning, I started it again over and over. Having the same issues. I started messaging anyone I found on Slack at HNG Internship from mentors to team members.

I followed all advices and instructions one after the other given by everyone and shared screenshots of new issues I met.

Gladly, Samuel Olaegbe my team leader respond to my messages as fast as he could and gave me a new sequence of instruction to do the task.

I quickly deleted .git folder that was created on my project folder and started afresh. Reorganized my sequence of git command.

Following the new sequence of instructions (git commands), I successfully committed and push my first file to a repository on GitHub.

As I write this post, I am way pasted the submission deadline and might get booted off the internship program. But I am deeply excited that I am finally going to start using GitHub and prepare for remote work opportunities.

It is funny how nothing looks something and then becomes less than nothing when challenged, guided or pushed hard enough.

GitHub is really an exciting tool for project collaborations. I can’t wait to use it for personal and work purposes onwards.

Many thanks to Mark Essien, Samuel Olaegbe and other mentors at HNG Internships who hold the hands of budding developers to brave the learning and innovations technology would bring within the next decade.

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