50 Principles of Powerful Copywriting – Kenneth Turnbull

  1. Write with passion
  2. Write your ad to one person
  3. Appeal to your prospect’s pre-existing beliefs
  4. Don’t try to educate the prospect into buying
  5. Be entertaining
  6. Don’t be boring
  7. Write intriguing headlines
  8. Make the claim in your headline instantly believable
  9. Or use a hard-to-believe claim in your headline… but immediately back it up with overwhelming proof
  10. Tighten up your headline until you can’t remove another word, without changing the meaning
  11. Write from a place of abundance (It doesn’t matter whether the prospect buys or not, either way, you’re eating steak)
  12. Don’t use a complicated word when a simple word will do
  13. Keep your opening sentence short and punchy
  14. Make your opening sentence intriguing
  15. Whenever you use a pronoun, make sure it’s clear as day who the pronoun is referring to
  16. Vary sentence lengths
  17. Vary paragraph lengths
  18. Keep your copy below an eighth-grade reading level
  19. Ensure your copy flows smoothly between sentences
  20. Present one idea per sentence
  21. Write in the active voice
  22. Structure your copy in a persuasive order
  23. Don’t abruptly change the topic between sentences
  24. Agitate your prospect’s current pains
  25. Paint vivid word-pictures of your prospect’s desires coming true
  26. Back up every claim you make with proof and credibility
  27. Anticipate your prospect’s possible objections and answer them in the copy
  28. Every word of copy must earn its place – if it doesn’t help your sales case, delete it
  29. Include at least one strong call-to-action
  30. Grease the slide, so each sentence makes you want to read the next one
  31. Follow the rule of one (one big idea, one problem, one solution, one offer)
  32. Keep your writing pithy. Don’t say in 100 words what can be said in 50.
  33. Write in the 2nd person whenever you can.
  34. Be your prospect’s trusted advisor
  35. Admit any flaws about the product
  36. Weave social proof into your copy
  37. Be careful not to use negative social proof
  38. Offer a strong guarantee
  39. Tell folks why they may not qualify to buy from you
  40. Fill your copy with both emotion AND logic
  41. Use the word “you” often in your copy
  42. Write the first draft with gusto, then edit ruthlessly
  43. Sell by telling stories
  44. Show your prospect how they can move towards pleasure or away from pain
  45. Write copy that targets the conversation already going on in your prospect’s mind
  46. Don’t just list features – talk about their benefits
  47. Show, don’t tell
  48. Avoid superlatives
  49. Write copy that’s worth reading
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